It is with great honor and respect that I am writing this endorsement letter regarding Lon Wimberley of Helicopter Safety Training.

My first training experience with Lon was during annual training at Bell Helicopter.  I have trained with Lon for more than 5 years, both at Bell Helicopter and at Galt Ranch Aviation. 

Lon’s training at both facilities is above and beyond, although it is advantageous to have Mr. Wimberley come to our facility.  This provides the opportunity to perform real-life missions in my helicopter, at the elevations and terrain I work in, which is mostly mountainous.

Mr. Wimberley’s instruction includes various emergency procedures as well as touchdown auto rotations from every conceivable flight aspect with pre-cautionary measures in place.  Lon takes into consideration your knowledge and current level of ability during training and then takes steps to advance you to the next level, all the while ensuring you feel comfortable, yet challenged.

Expert training is mandatory.  Lives  are at risk with each launch.   The level of training received from Lon is nothing less than excellent. 


Respectfully submitted,

William W. Galt

Galt Ranch Aviation LLC

543 Birch Creek Road

White Sulphur Springs, MT  59645


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